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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cannot get Fedora 16 to boot past a screen with the following information on it.

Fedora will act like it is booting normally, then it will go to a black screen with a multi blue and white animated stripe across the bottom with Fedora 16 on the right side, then before the stripe moves all the way across the screen it will popup to a black screen with the following message:

"Please enter passphrase for disk Hitachi_HTS545032B9A300 (luks-76aec453-d13d-4be1-b328-7595dce3e8a4) on /home!:

If I enter my password, this is what loads:

Started LSB: Starts and Stops login iSCSI daemon.

Started Open-FCoe Inititator.

Starting LSB: Start and stops login and scanning of iSCSI devices....

Started Permit User Sessions

Starting Forward Password Requests to Wall...

Stopped Dispatch Password Requests to Console

Stopping Forward Password Requests to Plymouth...

Stopped Forward Password Requests to Plymouth

Started Forward Password Requests to Wall

Started LSB: VirtualBox Linux kernel module

Starting LSB: VirtualBox web service API...

Starting LSB: VirtualBox balloon control daemon...

Started The Apache HTTP Server (prefork MPM)

Started LSB: VirtualBox web service API

Started LSB: VirtualBox Balloon control daemon

Failed to start LSB: Builds and install new kmods from akmod packages.

See 'systemctl status akmods.service' for details

Started LSB: Starts and stops login and scanning of iSCSI devices.

Starting SYSV: Late init script for live image....

Started SYSV: Late init script for live image.

Starting Display Manager...

Started Display Manager

Starting Sendmail Mail Transport Client...

Starting Sendmail Mail Transport Agent...

All have [ OK ] next to them, except for "Failed to start SLB: Builds and install new kmods from akmod packages" and next to it it has [ FAILED ].

If I don't enter a passphrase, the following pops up:

"Welcome to emergency mode. Use "systemctl default" or ^D to activate default mode. Give root password for maintenance (or type Control-D to continue)

This is as far as Fedora 16 will boot for me. From a powered off state, it will start booting up and it will get to a black screen with this info on it and thats as far as it will boot.

I am fairly new to Linux and this is my first time using / installing Fedora, but so far other than this little mishap I am loving it.

So any help that you can give a Noob on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,



  1. Ok I am having this issue, this is after an upgrade of the kernel to 3.3..8 and having virtual box installed... I will get to the bottom of it... just not found a solution yet. I will come back on this

  2. I dont get the death stuff that you have been suffering from and I would be interested to know what you did to get round this...

    What happened to me was if I connected without and extra screen IE just a the lap top it would work, IE I would see my network manager not with the red cross etc etc...

    But I could do nothing with the network manager...

    So you would get the login screen.. enter details, there is a flip to procesing steps

    installing DKMS modules ...

    then a new login screen... login and your connected to network/internet but all
    setups vpn etc lost...

  3. Discussing with available linux whizz....

    1000 sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service
    1001 sudo tail /var/log/messages
    1002 sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service
    1003 sudo tail /var/log/messages

    clears the problem....

    Hope that helps...

    loh your output to /var/log/messages here if this set if commands resolves this to
    you... its a complex combination of software causing this. I suspect virtual box