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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Can't get SMTP/25 through my new Q1000 modem

Last week I ended up with a Actiontec Q1000 (replaced a PK5000 - long story). So I can set:

FWD from a server:22 to

FWD from anywhere:80 to


FWD from anywhere:25 to wont' work.

From an external server I can telnet myserver 22 - works. I can telnet myserver 80 GET /index.html - works. But telnet myserver 25 just sits there - nothing... I can, from myinternalserver2 25 to myserver 25 and connect OK. I just can't get from external 25 to internal 25. I can't receive email from 'out there'. myserver iptables off - nope, Q1000 firewall off - nope.

Prob something stupid (not that I've everrrrrrr do that before).



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