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Monday, May 14, 2012

Color Calibration leaves redish hue to display

After using a Pantone Huey to color calibrate my HP 2159m 21" LCD monitor on Fedora 17, the resulting display looks overly redish or pinkish.

Without color calibration, everything looks great, but I'm using the Huey to try to match up what I see on the monitor with what will appear on paper if my photos are printed.

However I really find that this reddish display isn't helping things any.

I previously tried using displaycalGUI on Fedora 14 on the exact same hardware and ended up with the same symptoms.

The reddish tint is seen if I face straight at the monitor. If I stand up and look down, the reddish pixels are significantly less. Not sure what this symptom indicates.

Image attached shows how red it looks in a mostly white walled apartment.

Can anyone explain what I might be experiencing and how to fix it?


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