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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

endless crashes

I just wonder if a) Fed 17 will be better, and b) is anyone having the same problems??

My computer crashes everytime I unplug the dsl cable. I have reported this to redhat bugzilla. Apart from updating, they haven't made any suggestions in a long time now.

This morning, I shut down Fed 16 normally at home, unplug speakers, charger, dsl cable, come to school. Switch on, computer won't start. It freezes half way through booting.

I have to start Windows, then reboot, to get Linux started. This happens with Fed 16 or Ubuntu. This does not happen with Windows, but I never use Windows. It is on the laptops I buy, and I leave it on a small partition. Windows seems to do a base reset of the system, then Linux can start it. Linux cannot do this.

As I don't have this problem with Windows, I am assuming no hardware failure. So Linux is at fault. This is a Toshiba Sattellite 600 laptop.

I have never had such problems with other computers, and I have used Fedora for a long time.

The computer also crashes after using the overhead projector in the classroom, and then unplugging that .

Does anyone have any idea what is going on, or why?? I update almost daily, so I have the latest and greatest packages.

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