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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fedora/Gnome on Tablet?

I'm thinking of getting either an ASUS tablet or a Xoom (my GF has the Xoom, I love it. But the specs on the ASUS are yummy. Galaxy is nice but the power button SUCKS, Sony looks good but I wont buy their products, I used to sell them I know they have a "our products dont break, clearly YOU broke it, buy anotherone!" attitude, and iPad? sure I'll pay a 80% markup for a name alone.. riiiight...)

Anyways, I know Android OS is Linux based, and I know that you can "root" android tablets, and there are different OS mods like cyanogenmod (or something like that). BUT what I want to know is..

CAN I root an android tablet and install a FULL desktop Linux OS, such as Fedora with Gnome3.4?

I mean, the device is Linux, so its using android drivers. While Fedora may not technically have the drivers, I'm sure there might be a way to get fedora to load them. I think the Gnome3.4 interface is perfect for tablets. Just add a few buttons as a widget (like cairo dock, but tablet functions) and BAM, great system.

Has anyone tried this before? Does it work? Is there a "how to" guide somewhere? I mean, the current tablets out there have better specs than some netbooks i've seen. If a shitty HP netbook can run Gnome and Unity, surely a tablet can???

I posted this here because I dont think there is anywhere else for this thread to go...

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