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Monday, May 7, 2012

GDM issues: downgrade to accountsservice-0.6.18-1.fc17


Just wanted to bring to the attention of F17 testers that problems

emerged with both accountsservice 0.6.19 and 0.6.20, and the desktop

team decided to unpush both updates and, instead of trying to come up

with something that works, go with 0.6.18 for the F17 final release. So

if you're an F17 tester and you got accountsservice 0.6.19 or 0.6.20

from updates-testing, please downgrade to 0.6.18 from 'fedora' repo.

Once the updates have both been un-pushed and mirrors have caught up,

'yum distro-sync' should do this: otherwise, you can use 'yum

downgrade'. Thanks!

from AdamW


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