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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Auto Mount Network Attached Storage (NAS) at Boot?

I am quite new to Fedora.

[What I am trying to do]

On Fedora 16 (Gnome 3), I am trying to mount network drives at boot automatically. What I have done is adding lines like below in /etc/fstab.

Code: /media/nas cifs username=yep,password=yep,iocharset=utf8,noperm 0 0

I also tried nfs option instead of cifs option.

  • It does not auto mount // at boot.

  • Manual mounting ("sudo mount -a" from the terminal) does not work either. Responds no error message.

  • However, I sometimes observe the system mounts network drives all of sudden far after the boot. Strange...

  • Is syntax in /etc/fstab correct?

  • What are other possible reasons that prevent auto mount? SELinux, firewall, etc...

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