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Monday, May 14, 2012

I turned off the wrong display in XFCE

Hi everyone,

The background: I have a computer that has two video ports, HDMI and DVI. I'm running F16 with XFCE. The initial problem was the login screen was showing up on the HDMI display even though I didn't have a monitor hooked up to it. I was staring at the default background on the only monitor I had hooked up (DVI). So I plugged an additional monitor to the HDMI port (running dual montiors) and was then able to log in. My goal was to deactivate the HDMI port and use a single desktop on the DVI port. I went into display settings, there were two options to check for the DVI display and one option for HDMI. I selected DVI and unselected HDMI. Now both screens are blank. When I reboot and get to the login screen, both monitors work. As soon as I log in, they both go dark.

The long awaited question: Is there a way to repair my display options and ultimately use just the DVI port? I know zilch about commands, but I can at least get into the recovery console.

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I hope no one is researching this. I just re installed the OS and was able to get the monitors to work correctly. Sorry if I inconvenienced anyone.

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