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Monday, May 14, 2012

Image garbled,Freeze in Firefox and other apps in Gnome-Shell. Important!!

Image Freezing and rendering issue in Gnome-shell with Nvidia GPU is faced from Day1. however, with nouveau open source driver, this issue is not present.

At Nvidia Forums, this bug is finally is checked and We need more feedback. I hope more people collaborate.


People facing this issue with image rendering in browser and other applications, Kindly register with http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/ and Help the Nvidia developer Hopefully fix this bug ASAP. Nvidia Developer is Listening.

link: post in this thread:



We may need more people who faces this bug to give more inputs. Note that irrespective of distro this issue is prevalent. be it Ubuntu,Fedora or Debian.

This issue is crippling Gnome-Shell experience from Day 1. Hopefully it will be fixed this time.




I am using Gnome3 with Debian Testing. Upgraded to Gnome3 recently.

Gnome3 is working Fine. I have Nvidia drivers also installed and working fine.

The Problem is, with some Applications particularly applications like Shotwell,Eye of Gnome(eog) etc, if I zoom in or out a image, it gets stuck and stay like that until I do anything like moving mouse to the "Activites" corner or launching another application etc etc.

Below is a screenshot with eog loading a image, when I tried zoom out the image. Look at the word "Haq" which is rendered garbled :


The Problem with Iceweasel(Firefox) browser is almost nearing unusable state. the pages gets garbled sometimes if I scroll through them.


I was adding a Youtube video to a forum thread elsewhere, and then Iceweasel acted as expected. garbled in the sense, I meant misaligned page! below screenshot was taken when I submitted the video to the forum thread and waited for the page reloading. this kind of performance degradation remains for even 10seconds in Iceweasel with Gnome3. see the circled area.


After a Suggestion, I tried upgrading mutter window manager to 3.2.x and gnome-shell and allieds also is currently at 3.2.x from Debian unstable repository.

While, in Gnome "Fallback" Mode and with Compiz also, Applications render images,pages correctly and smoothly.

Someone Hints issue may be with "mutter" window manager or "clutter" opengl library Gnome3 is based on?

What May be the Reason. Help needed. Even if I can understand what packages are causing this problem, I can send a Bug report to Debian upstream packaging team regarding this.

Thanks In Advance


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