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Sunday, May 6, 2012

installing D-link DFE-530TX+ fedora 11

Apparently the NIC built into the motherboard of my wife's desktop (Fedora 11) has died. It refuses to see either her ethernet cable or mine, though mine works fine on my computer. So I bought a NIC, a D-link DFE-530TX+, picked specifically because I had seen it listed as one that Linux supports.

It arrived today, and I plugged the card into the PCI socket, but am not sure at all what to do next to get my wife back online. The card is not among those listed when I try to use the admin tools that came with the version of Fedora installed. I was able to locate and download a driver from the D-link site, but still don't know how to get it installed and working.

Can anybody help?


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