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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Problem with network in Fedora 16

Hello, I'm new in these forums and I'm here because I just can't find anything that solves this problem...

The thing is, that anything I do, any tutorial and any guide I've seen so far, doesn't simply help to get this thing to work...

I even followed the one posted here (for Fedora 15) but without any luck...

My question is: is there any guide, walkthrough or anything about correctly configuring a network with Fedora 16?

I can't even see my own host in the Network with Nautilus... :confused:

Or at least had anyone got this working with Fedora 16?


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  1. command to restart the network service is

    #service network restart

    first of all let me know the IP which were take by DHCP Are you configured it static?