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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[SOLVED] Generic icons in Gnome 3

Hi everyone,

Got a strange problem, Gnome 3 is showing the generic purple cogwheel icon for a bunch of apps I've installed from Yum. Fresh install of Fedora 16 x86_64, fully updated.

Among the icons missing:
  • OpenJDK tools

  • iBus Hangul Preferences

  • LibreOffice apps

  • gnome-tweak-tool

  • qt-config

Curiously, the icon for SeaMonkey works, which I installed after the fact!

I looked in the /usr/share/pixmap and /usr/share/icons folders and all the icons for those applications are there.

Googling the problem, most people seem to recommend rebooting and running these commands, but they didn't do anything.


# gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/gnome

# gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/hicolor

Any ideas what may be causing this?

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